OAS introduces Niagara with BACnet to the TU Kaiserslautern

The Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) is situated in the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany and was founded in 1970. More than 40 multi-story buildings are used by approximately 15,000 registered students. With a consortium of twelve high-profile science institutions close to the campus, the university is strongly linked to national and international industries.

Kaiserslautern is recognized as one of the largest IT clusters in the whole of Europe and is a home to people from over 140 different nations, contributing to a diverse and vibrant city life.


The client is the Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung (LBB), the real estate and construction service provider of the state building construction in Rhineland-Palatinate. It places high demands on building automation, as it is a member of AMEV, the working group for mechanical and electrical engineering of state and municipal administrations. AMEV has developed a recognized certification for BACnet-compatible Building Automation components.
OAS as Tridium authorized distributor supplies PGA Automation with the Tridium BACnet controller JACE-8000. Equipped with a BTL certificate and AMEV certificate, it is an OAS top seller from the modular Niagara program. The BACnet standard as well as the BLT certificate and AMEV certificate was decisive for this project.

The TUK is continuously expanding and refurbishing up to 40-year-old buildings. Old technologies and installations must be seamlessly integrated into modern building management concepts. Therefore, open systems and integration of various bus technologies are essential to expand the existing system, ensure overall control and guarantee an expandable, future-proof system.

From PLC-based management of the 30 MW heat and power plant consisting of boilers and combined heat and power stations (CHP) to the control of the main network pumps up to the control and monitoring of the district heating system and the connected consumers, a homogeneous system solution should be set up from a single source.


The frontend graphical user interface with 3D visualization provides overviews of the spread-out property as well as of individual plant controls. Individually developed visualizations embedding the plant schematics according to the specifications of the building planners and site operators were implemented.

The property, building management system, facilities, plants, and services can be visualized schematically or in detail and centrally presented on the operator workstations.

Standardized displays are available for the visualization of plants. At a glance, data points, actuators and sensors are easil recogonzied in order to control lighting states, heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology, and all other elements of building technology quickly and efficiently. There are virtually no limits to the complexity of visualizations for the energy-efficient building operation.


Through the seamless integration the operator does not recognize the different automation and controls systems behind the visualization and can concentrate on his native tasks resulting in efficient and effective operation of the entire campus.

The combination of modular components used from the OAS construction kit and the solution-oriented integration consulting provided by PGA Automation ensures that the university buildings are now prepared for an open system future.


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