OAS SBS JACE 8N4 Automation platform

Powerful automation and integration platform

The OAS SBS JACE 8N4 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for room and building automation for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, energy management and room automation solutions.

Smart Building Solutions

SBS JACE 8N4 is an open and high-performance automation and integration platform from OAS Open Automation Systems Ltd (powered by Niagara Framework®).

The consistent application of this technology reduces the energy and operating costs. Based on the Niagara Framework® N4, all building technology systems and systems are homogeneously merged into a building automation and management system. The consistent networking of all systems and applications of a property or individual buildings enables open, digital consistency for integration.

Our automation solutions are systematically networked on the basis of standardized Internet technologies. From the lowest field level via the automation level with the local visualization (HMI) to the on-site management level or as a cloud or portal solution.

This digital consistency with standardized communication protocols allows you a secure and seamless connection with open management systems as well as the integration into the information technologies and the ERP systems of the customer.

  • significant increase in energy efficiency
    • optimized energy use due to the perfect coordination of space requirements and HVAC system control
    • integrated room management for the regulation of temperature, lighting and shading
  • easy extension, modernization and conversion of rooms.
  • secure building operation includes access control and associated time recording, video surveillance for an area as well as fire and burglar alarm systems


The AMEV certificate for certified BACnet devices can be found in our download area