Optimizer Unitary Controller

Take control of your building's performance with the Optimizer. 

Looking for a compelling reason to use IP controls? With the Honeywell Optimizer Unitary Controller, Internet-based unitary control becomes the central element of your building operation strategy. Choose the Honeywell Optimizer Unitary Controller and benefit from IP-level cyber security, universal I/O interfaces, and revolutionary twisted-pair T1L technology. Transfer your HVAC data without complex and costly infrastructure upgrades.

Smart Building Solutions Series

As part of your building's IP network, your HVAC system now offers you greater efficiency, flexibility and cyber security - both now and in the future. The time to make a switch has never been more convenient or advantageous. The new controllers in the Honeywell Optimizer Suite enable both wired and wireless connections, and even offer innovative twisted-pair T1L technology. With this solution, you can transfer your HVAC data without the hassle and cost of infrastructure upgrades and bring older technologies into the age of IP control. Worried about the security of a networked building control system? With our operational technology (OT) cyber security level, you now have the same level of security as your IT network.

Thanks to state-of-the-art IP controls in the Honeywell Optimizer Suite, Internet-based individual room controllers now become the heart of your building's operational strategy, even with an older infrastructure.

  • Built-in flexibility

  • Ideal for fan coil units, split systems, single room ventilation, chillers or other self-contained systems

  • Ethernet connection in series for reliable data speed over longer distances

  • T1L technology for seamless upgrade to IP without rewiring the network

  • Secure communications: OT as secure as IT

  • Wireless feature allows controllers to be mounted in locations that are difficult to reach with signal wiring

More information about the technical data and specific features of the Honeywell Optimizer Unitary Controller can be found here:

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Intelligent control for superior building performance.

Honeywell Unitary Controllers offer flexible, freely programmable, on-demand control that provide tangible benefits to reduce energy costs while providing a new level of functionality and efficiency in modern buildings.

These new controllers offer BACnetTM IP, BACnetTM T1L, or BACnetTM MS/TP as their backbone communication protocol and SylkTM, Modbus RTU as embedded integration protocols protocols, flexible universal inputs and outputs (UIOs), power relays, and solid-state relays (SSRs). They provide performance-based engineering with Niagara 4 and enable single-tool engineering for the entire building management system with cost-effective installation.

  • Static device binding

    Static device binding

    Yes (for MS/TP only)

  • Data link layer options

    Data link layer options

    • BACnet IP (Annex J)
    • BACnet MS/TP master
    • MS/TP baud rates: 
      • 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 78600, 115200
  • Networking options

    Networking options

    • BBMD
    • Router, Medium: BACnet/IP - MS/TP
    • Reg. by foreign device
  • Character set

    Character set



  • Reporting options

    Reporting options

    • Intrinsic Reporting
    • Algorithmic Reporting
  • The device supports BACnet functions as per AMEV profile:

    The device supports BACnet functions as per AMEV profile:

    AMEV profile AS-B (Automation station, extended version)