Optimizer Advanced Controller

Rethink building control to optimize results for convenience, compatibility, and cybersecurity

A system controller that is easy to install and operate. Functions that can be easily added without having to replace them. And controls with integrated cyber security.

Smart Building Solutions Series

The Optimizer Advanced Controllers are a family of next-generation integration and facility controllers that incorporate the Niagara framework and are powered by an IMX8 64-bit quad-core processor. The IP devices are freely programmable and feature a dedicated set of I/O modules that provide extremely flexible control options. Leveraging the power of Niagara, they offer both Ethernet and serial integration options and are native BACnetTM Building Controllers (B-BC).

More information on the technical data and specific features of the Optimizer Advanced Controller can be found here:

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The next generation of IP control

It's time to go beyond "smart" and optimize flexibility and results - like energy efficiency energy efficiency to meet sustainability goals while improving indoor air quality. That's why we've reinvented control from the ground up to reduce your costs and meet the challenges of today.

Easier operation

Simplify integration, routing and system control, even for newcomers.

  • Manage remotely via cloud connections to Honeywell Remote Building Manager or third-party systems
  • Daisy-chaining simplifies the network and improves fault tolerance
  • Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) display can manage local I/O channels and overrides, with or without a controller

Faster installation and maintenance

Reduce your installation and life cycle costs.

  • Remove and maintain I/O modules without moving adjacent modules or rewiring
  • Modular and universal I/O types
  • Numerous other options to simplify wiring: no common grounds; individually stacked terminals; jumper bars; removable detachable color-coded terminal blocks
  • Compatible with older Honeywell panels Bus I/O modules

Ready for what's next

The Optimizer platform makes it easy to expand capabilities now and in the future.

  • Send and receive more data, more securely, over IP
  • More effective management of strategic objectives, such as sustainability and building health
  • Rigorous cybersecurity protects BMS and OT systems