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OAS Open AutomationSystems GmbH is the provider of open energy management and building automation systems for the integrated digitization of technical building equipment. We offer our service and product portfolio as a specialized dealer and distributor only to commercial specialist companies, industrial customers and qualified system house partners.

Our goal is to work closely with customers and partners who are crossing boundaries and strike new paths within the Internet of Things (IoT). Our reliability, our closeness to the customer as well as our well-founded and constantly growing know-how in this industry are what characterizes us. We are your strong partner in realizing your plans for a digital future.

With innovative products and systems, qualified service and the high commitment of our employees, we are always committed to future-oriented and worldwide standards for open automation solutions.

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loT Solutions and Services for Smart Automation

SBS - Smart Building Solutions

With SBS - Smart Building Solutions, we offer intelligent products and fully open IoT solutions and services that go far beyond ordinary room and building automation.

The decisive goals for our products and solutions are the digitization and networking of the entire building technology in order to save energy and increase efficiency and comfort. We offer standardized and proven hardware and software components as well as complete solutions for individual requirements for the digitization of intelligent buildings / smart buildings.

  • Integration, automation and control technology for:
    • production and distribution of energy
    • central and distributed heating/ventilating/air conditioning
    • all room functions
    • lighting and front face control
    • energy and meter data acquisition
    • all building functions
  • Cloud Services / IoT Services:
    • WEB Portal BMS
    • web-based operation of buildings and facilities worldwide
    • WEB Portal ENERGY
    • web-based evaluation and further processing of energy and meter data

The Open AutomationSystems Store makes it possible.

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SBS JACE 8N4 Automations platform

SBS JACE 8N4 is an open and high-performance automation and integration platform from OAS Open Automation Systems Ltd (powered by Niagara Framework®). The consistent application of this technology reduces the energy and operating costs. Based on the Niagara Framework® N4, all building technology systems and systems are homogeneously merged into a building automation and management system. The consistent networking of all systems and applications of a property or individual buildings enables open, digital consistency for integration.

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SBS IOM I/O- Fieldbus module

Sleek, intelligent and standardized is the series of SBS IOM fieldbus modules from OAS. This consists of compact fieldbus modules with inputs and outputs for analog and digital signals. The fieldbus modules acquire the signals of the building services equipment and pass them on to the controllers. Due to the standardized communication via Modbus RTU, no further gateways are required.

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Niagara Forum 2023: We'tre there!

15.05. - 17.05.2023

OAS will be at the Niagara Forum in London. From May 15-17, the focus will be on how the Niagara Framework is shaping the future of connected devices and systems.

Agenda highlights include:

  • The power of the Niagara Framework.
  • Cloud and edge
  • Cybersecurity
  • The Niagara roadmap
  • Deep dive presentation of new features and techniques

OAS is Tridium's Gold Distributor in 2023

OAS is officially Tridium's Gold Distributor again this year. Gold Distributor means that our products and solutions have already been installed in many projects for open energy management and building automation systems. This brings us closer to our goal of end-to-end digitalization of technical building equipment. Our many years of experience with products powered by Niagara Framework® give us well-founded and constantly growing know-how to respond to the needs of our customers and to offer competent support.

In combination with the certification as Niagara 4 training partner, OAS is your strong partner in realizing all plans for an open and digital system future. Thousands of enterprises and public sector clients worldwide rely on Niagara and prefer open solutions based on the Niagara Framework®. OAS is your "Tridium Niagara Solution Provider", who together with ProSystems as "Niagara Certified Developer" can advise and support you in all questions regarding the Niagara Framework.


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BACnet standard: OAS becomes member of BIG-EU

With OAS as the youngest member, the network of European BACnet users grows to 122 members. Building operators, planners and facility managers are oriented towards the goals and solutions of the BIG-EU and appreciate the operational and investment security of the open BACnet communication standard especially also in the time of increasing IoT solutions. 

BIG EU member

Our references

Read in our references how we stand by you as a strong partner and Niagara Solution Provider in the realisation of projects into a digital future. With innovative products, systems and services of open energy management and building automation systems for continuous digitalisation, we are already working today according to future-oriented and global standards.

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Niagara Marketplace Partner

Thousands of companies and government agencies worldwide rely on Niagara and prefer open solutions based on the Niagara Framework®

With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of devices connected to Niagara will multiply. 

Niagara Marketplace is the place where a global network of businesses and people who want to develop the connectivity of the Internet of Things in their business continues to grow. It is the place to meet the vendors who make it possible. 

Visit OAS at the Niagara Marketplace. There we present our Niagara based innovations and know-how. Learn more about our partner profile, which includes our capabilities and competencies. Please also visit our product pages, where the features and benefits are described. 

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