OAS Niagara Plant Macros

Our OAS Niagara plant macros - OAS-MACs - are a collection of predesigned Niagara 4 software modules that can be used for building services applications with N4 controllers, such as JACE® 8000.

We provide our OAS partners with this extensive collection of plant macros, in which many typical applications are already programmed. A software application for a complex plant is created by putting together the individual function blocks and then simply configuring them, e.g. by assigning the data points and plant parameters. The slots (connections of the function blocks) automatically connect to the correct slots of other function blocks as well as the physical inputs and outputs. The finished application can then be put into operation.

Complex programming, as is necessary with conventional systems, is no longer required. This leads to significant cost savings in the project planning and commissioning of the system. The resulting software application can always be reused by the partner as a standardized automation solution template.

The entire commissioning of the application takes place via a web-based user interface. There, the user can set all parameters and make further configurations of the application.

The OAS Niagara plant macros increase the quality in the creation of application programs. The macros unite function modules according to the latest state of control technology, i.e. concepts, methods and strategies that correspond to the current state of the art.

The OAS Niagara system macros are available to N4 OAS partners with System Integrator status after extensive training.

Available function modules:

Air Handling


These function modules are coming soon:

Cooling, General and Heating

Overview of our OAS Niagara plant macros:

The purpose of the OAS Niagara plant macros is to increase the quality for the creation of application programs by providing general purpose function modules. The OAS MACs unify function modules according to the latest state of the art in control engineering, i.e. concepts, methods and strategies that correspond to the current state of the art. All OAS-MACs have been created by experienced application engineers and have been fully evaluated and reviewed before being included in the library. These standard function modules provide solutions for the most common control tasks in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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