JACE 9000 Controller

Niagara 4 optimized hardware platform

Take advantage of the possibilities of a high-performance and globally standardized platform for room and building automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, energy management and room automation solutions. With our SBS series we offer IoT solutions and services that go far beyond ordinary room and building automation.

Smart Building Solutions

The JACE® 9000 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. With internet connectivity and webserving capability, the JACE 9000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the internet.

The licensing model for the JACE 9000 controller is simplified and features standard drivers, along with optional IO and field bus expansion modules for ultimate flexibility and expandability. The JACE 9000 controller operates with Niagara 4, the latest version of the Niagara Framework®, for optimum performance. In larger facilities, multi-building applications and large-scale control system integrations, Niagara 4 Supervisors can be used with JACE controllers to aggregate information, including alarms, and historical and real-time data, to create a single, unified application.

Increased Performance: With a Quad Core processor and double storage and RAM, the JACE 9000 offers increased performance and capacity with faster bootup and station load time. The JACE 9000 is fully compatible with existing expansion models and the same footprint as past models allows for seamless replacement for future updates. The JACE 9000 can also be ordered without the wireless interface if needed. 

Optimize for Niagara 4: The JACE 9000 controller leverages the exciting features of Niagara 4. It adds to the enhanced user experience, maximizing Niagara 4’s key advantages:

  • pure Web interface based on HTML5
  • with HTML5 views, responsive UI,
  • charting and data visualization, a
  • common design language, better
  • reporting, robust security and improved
  • device management

More information about the technical data and specific features of the JACE 9000 can be found here:

JACE 9000 Data Sheet       JACE 9000 Sell Sheet       JACE 9000 FAQs


JACE 9000 Key Features

Global Capacity Licensing And Upgrade Capability

Determine the number of devices that will be integrated and select the right capacity license from the start. License upgrades can be purchased in the future as your needs grow.

24VAC/DC—Standard Global Power Supply


  •  All communications encrypted by default
  • Meets the FIPS 140-2 federal standard
  • Supports TLS 1.3

Sensitive data is encrypted on disk at rest 

Intuitive User Interface

Users can easily check system status by glancing at the front panel LEDs to diagnose network issues.

Identity Infrastructure And PKI Integration

Integrate with any PKI infrastructure, LDAP directories, Kerberos, and SAML 2 Identity Providers for Single SignOn. 802.1x device authentication to the network and SAML IDP integrated with Niagara.

Modular Hardware Design For Fast And Easy Installation

Controller and option modules are designed for easy mounting on a 35mm-wide DIN rail.

Authorization at API Level

Controls what individual software components can do.

Connectivity Profiles

  •  Native Wi-Fi capability (WAP or Client) A, B, G or N networks
  • Two 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet ports
  • Two isolated RS485 ports
  • Optional LON FTT10, RS485 & RS232 expansion

Auditing Of User Activities

User access is logged to customized levels with enhanced Security Audit Log & security facets.

Hardware Security: JACE 9000 Secure Boot & HSM

Hardware root-of-trust. Only boots our digitally-signed trusted software, providing assurance against alteration. Also, Hardware Security Module provides hardware protection of private key for device authentication.

Expandable with up to 4 Option Modules

Option modules directly attach to the controller for additional communications ports, including types for LonWorks®, IO R modules, RS232 and RS485 networks. 

Digitally Signed Code, Validated At Run-Time

Assures that core framework code can’t be altered or manipulated. 3rd party module signing is required by default & provides visibility to administrator.

Common-Sense User Account Management

Configurable security mechanisms for attack prevention (lockouts, password strengths, etc.).

Security Situational Awareness

Security Dashboard provides an actionable view into security posture of your systems & other connected Niagara systems on your network. 

Role Based Access Control

Provides access control for users by security role.