Become an OAS Niagara System Integrator!

Become an OAS Niagara System Integrator. Working closely with partners who are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground within the open Internet of Things (IoT) is our goal.

OAS is provider for open energy management and building automation systems for the continuous digitalization of technical building equipment. With innovative products, systems and services, qualified service and the high commitment of our employees, we basically work according to future-oriented and worldwide standards for open automation solutions. 

As a participant of the OAS partner program, you will receive extended access to various materials about our products and solutions. In addition, further modules of our system solution kit as well as personalized trainings up to a qualified certificate are available to you. Become an OAS-Niagara system integrator. Working closely with partners who are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground within the open Internet of Things (IoT) is our goal. 

Further information:

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  • Requirements


    • At least 2 employees with knowledge in the execution and planning of building automation systems
    • Participation in training programmes
    • OAS Niagara System Integrator Partner Contract
    • You are a company or commercial specialist company, industrial customer or qualified system house partner from the fields of electrical engineering, heating/ventilation/sanitation, or information and communication technology.
  • Advantages


    • Competitive advantages through open IoT automation solutions, systems, devices, products and services based on Niagara technology.
    • Partnership-based sales structures.
    • German-speaking technical and commercial support for the Niagara portfolio.
    • Scalable training programs for products and solutions.
    • Access to data point lists, libraries, plant graphics and portal hosting models.
    • Preferred information about new Niagara products and solutions.
    • OAS Partner Logo for use in your public image.
    • Access to the OAS Partner Package with various graphics, documents and logos.
    • Your company details on our website with a link to your website.
  • Expectations


    • Active marketing of the products by addressing and supporting the planning of specialist engineers, architects, public clients, general contractors, TGA companies and commercial end customers
    • Competent technical advice and supporting planning of the above mentioned products
    • Reliable performance in the entire execution
    • An established market access in the field of building automation
    • Marketing of OAS product solutions
    • Feedback on experiences and results with our products in the market environment
    • Identifying market trends and new applications in the Niagara environment 
    • Preparation and publication of completed projects, including naming of the OAS products used and provision of information for use by OAS
    • Link to the OAS website on your internet presence
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