OAS Graphic Library: Standardized graphics for working in Niagara Workbench


OAS partners and users use the OAS Graphic Library to rationally create standardized and complex graphics of energy and building management systems. Working with OAS Supervisor Utilities within Niagara Workbench becomes even more effective with the "Graphic Library". The library provides widgets with a modern user interface for selecting functions and properties.

A prominent use case for the OAS Graphic Library is the MAIN TOWER in Frankfurt. To improve energy efficiency, a comprehensive modernization of the building control system as well as the building and room automation was started in 2022.

For programming and development of the user interfaces and integration levels, the potential of the "OAS Supervisor Utilities Application" can be used. All floors and trades can thus be found quickly, and the systems and functions can be operated safely. The library of standardized graphics contributes significantly to the efficient programming of the BMS interface.

Details can be found here:

OAS Graphic Library

To make the most of all the innovations of the OAS Supervisor Utilities and to display them in the best possible way, our "Graphic Library" uses the latest web technologies offered by the Niagara Framework®. 

  • HTML5, optimized for web browsers
  • pop-up available in web view
  • integrated engineering via the Niagara Workbench
  • widgets can be integrated by dragging them into PX files without additional detours
  • all widgets configurable
  • integration into existing Niagara applications

The user interface of the widgets are easy to use and descriptive. Devices, components and systems can be operated directly via the graphic elements created on top of them. Application and placement is done via the PX sheet, which also allows logical links behind each widget. Through the consistent application of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) - technology, our "Graphic Library" enables extended possibilities for perfect animations of values and states.