Maintenance-free: OAS SBS IOM I/O modules with spring-loaded terminals


Quick mounting and a safe, maintenance-free contact, that's what the new series of OAS-SBS-IOM I/O fieldbus modules offers. The previously common screw terminals have been replaced by spring-loaded terminals. The spring-loaded terminals are part of the new OAS product design.

The OAS-SBS-IOM series consists of compact fieldbus modules with inputs and outputs for mounting on DIN rails, on mounting plates in the control cabinet or electrical distribution board or on 19" racks. They are standard components for integrating sensors and actuators into open building automation. The fieldbus modules record the data of the building services equipment and pass it on to the controllers, which perform central control and regulation functions. Due to the standardised communication via Modbus RTU, no further gateways are required.

The OAS product portfolio includes fieldbus modules for all requirements: from eight analogue inputs or outputs to four digital inputs and outputs each. The module types of the basic series are OAS-SBS-IOM-1021, OAS-SBS-IOMR-1022, OAS-SBS-IOM-1023, OAS-SBS-IOMR-1024. The module types with relay outputs are OAS-SBS-IOMR-1025, OAS-SBS-IOMR-1026 and OAS-SBS-IOMR-1031.