In the blink of an eye: Configurator for room automation and smart spaces


Another update for the OAS Supervisor Utilities is the Smart Room Configurator. Flexible room automation solutions are the be-all and end-all for the technical equipment of Smart Spaces. A quick and easy tool for designing and digitizing spaces is the new Smart Room Configurator from OAS. Visualizations support engineering, monitoring and changes of use. In this way, all parameters are recorded at a glance and can be changed in no time at all. Economy and energy efficiency of room automation start with the Smart Room Configurator from OAS.

There are hardly any limits to the visualization of building technology at room level. Standardized representations are just as possible as customized designs. From uniformly standardized room representations to complex properties, all requirements for intelligent room control are covered. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, daylight control, lighting states, sun protection and security systems - the user easily has an overview of the values of all sensors, actuators and other data points and can intervene if necessary. 

The graphical representation of a room is composed of the various trades involved. Lighting scenes, heating and cooling systems, motion detectors and all other components can be integrated. All available data is read out, evaluated and graphically interpreted in such a way that the visualization is transparent and quick to grasp.