Benefit from a comprehensive solution offering cross application control, low cost installation, integrated and safe remote operation, and much more.

  • Integration


    Seamless integration of various building applications is essential in achieving minimum operating costs and optimum working and living conditions. Our solutions connect HVAC, lighting, shading, metering and much more. EAGLEHAWK connects and translates data from nearly any device or system – optimizing energy consumption and the overall operational cost of your building.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

    Flexibility & Scalability

    EAGLEHAWK is mountable on walls, DIN-rails or in standard fuse boxes. It offers maximum flexibility and extendibility by using a scalable Input/Output (IO) concept:

    • 14 and 26 onboard IO option, avoiding separate IO modules
    • Optional compact, mixed IO module
    • A Panel-Bus IO Concept (0 to 1000 hardware points) allowing distributed mounting of IO modules. It is maintenance-friendly due to separate wiring sockets enabling quick exchange without re-wiring.
  • Smart Wiring

    Smart Wiring

    Achieve further cost savings with the controller equipped with dual Ethernet ports enabling daisy-chain wiring, which avoids Ethernet switches and wiring controllers back to the Ethernet switch. Alternatively, dual Ethernet offers BMS networking separate to company IT networks.

  • Easy to Handle

    Easy to Handle

    EAGLEHAWK NX offers you scalable options to control your data and decisions. This extremely cost-effective operating unit meets the requirements for network independent and emergency operation, as well as toolless configuration and operation on-site.

    The web-based controller EAGLEHAWK can be handled via browser, allowing safe (Java-free) and intuitive operation of all functions – thereby significantly improving your ability to manage your facilities, including:

    • Integration and supervision of room control applications
    • Alarms, schedules, trend histories, graphics/ schematics, e-mail, SMS
    • Remote access, remote programming and remote service,
    • Energy Management functions, including metering (M-Bus, Modbus)
  • Easy to Upgrade

    Easy to Upgrade

    EAGLEHAWK and Niagara eXtended are ideal for upgrading existing, so-called ‘communicating’ solutions to the most current future-open, connected technology platforms. Thereby existing HVAC and non-HVAC installations can be operated remotely via browser and fully customizable interfaces. Energy management analytics and optimization strategies can be rolled out, and entire facilities can be enabled for Niagara cloud solutions.

  • Niagara eXtended

    Niagara eXtended

    Niagara eXtended (NX) is the CentraLine building management system. It is expanded upon the industry-leading Niagara software platform and offers additional benefits and value to CentraLine customers and partners.