OAS SBS IOM Key Features:

SBS IOM, the LO/ID for DIN-rail mounting from SBS IOM, provides the following features:

  • Clear arrangement and presentation of the plant's status
  • Manual intervention and override of outputs possible at any time
  • Connection between modules and DDC acc. to MODBus specifications
  • Manual control functions and fault indicating system (acc. to DIN VDI 3814)
  • Easy wiring of the DIN-rail mounted devices
  • Optimization of the size of the cabinet because of small footprint on the mounting plate
  • Easily expandable due to modular design
  • No high investment costs for programming interfaces, no gateways necessary
  • Automatic baud rate detection (autobaud)
  • Applications: systems of building automation, e.g. heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as in equipment for operational control
  • Direct connection to the MODBus RTU interface as slave devices
  • Connection via RS485 (EIA485)
  • The SBS IOM LO/ID operates as slave to all PLC or DDC systems that can provide MODBus RTU master functionality. Programming is done via the corresponding programming environment of the master system.